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2-in-1 Bottle Opener and Wine Corkscrew  Item #: BS25X 50 Caliber Bullet Catridge Bottle Stopper  Item #: BS27 Bottle Stopper Drill and Tap Set  Item #: BSTAPSET
2-in-1 Bottle Opener and Wine Corkscrew Item #: BS25X
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $12.95
Bottle Stopper Drill and Tap Set Item #: BSTAPSET
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $16.95

Whether you want to uncork a bottle of wine or crack open a beer, this two-in-one tool does it all! The corkscrew conveniently screws in and nests inside the bottle opener handle to safely stow until needed.

Arguably the coolest bottle stopper ever. With a replica 50 caliber cartridge shell in Gold Titanium and a rose gold titanium tip, this low profile stopper will make a head-turning gift for any hunter or gun enthusiast. Create one with our Camouflage Bottle Stopper blanks (page 88) for the ultimate hunting themed gift. Uses the same accessories as our best Selling Classic Bottle Stopper Line (Item # BS1).

Here's the perfect solution for mounting your bottle stopper blank onto your PSI Bottle Stopper Chuck. With this system you just drill a blank then tap the thread that will mount your blank securely onto the chuck. Get a better grip with no more hand threading or spinning blanks! The set includes a 5/16" drill bit, a ratcheting reversible handle, and a centering tap to thread a 3/8" thread into your blank. Works great on wood, acrylic or any other machineable material.
Bottle Stopper with Pouring Spout and Cork Seal  Item #: BS4 Bottle Stopper/Cork Stopper Kit in Chrome  Item #: BS2 Classic Bottle Stopper Kit in Black Titanium  Item #: BS1TNBK

Pour Style Bottle Stopper Kit

The cork stopper on this project provides a classic look and an airtight seal for wine bottles of most sizes. The chrome band complements a wide variety of material choices to showcase your turning. Turn the wood top using a screw chuck or PSI s unique Bottle Stopper Lathe Chuck.

A perenial favorite with our customers and a great choice for your first bottle stopper project. Sits slightly higher in the bottle than our Vintage stopper. Available in three finishes including this Black Titanium Nitride finish. The Black Titanium Nitride plating perfectly combines durability, beauty and elegance in a striking gumetal appearance.
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