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Drilling Center and Disassembly Jig  Item #: DRILLCENTC Economy Pen Blank Drilling Center Vise  Item #: DRILLCENTE Pen Blank Drilling Center Vise  Item #: DRILLCENT3
Pen Blank Drilling Center Vise Item #: DRILLCENT3
List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $49.95
This jig is an ingenious combination of a pen blank drilling jig and a convenient pen disassembly jig. The drilling function is effective and easy to use. Just secure your blanks vertically in the "V" jaws, position in your drill press and drill through the center of your blank. Perfect every time! The disassembly jig is the ultimate "3rd hand" when salvaging your pen parts. Just secure your pen tube in the "V" jaws using the soft grip pad then tap out the component. Works best for pens larger then 7mm slimline. We recommend punch set #PKDISET to punch out the pen parts.

This is an affordable and precise way to speed up your pen blank drilling. The vise is easy to use with jaws that move in and out simultaneously with the quick action toggle clamp. Supports the blank vertically, self-centers and drills through the exact center of the blank every time. Accepts a scrap wood sleeve to avoid tear-out. Opens to 1.3 wide.

Pen Blank Drilling Center Vise Drill through the exact center of your pen blanks The jaws on the drilling center move in and out together to insure precision center drilling of your blanks. Just set up the vise once and drill all of your blanks in the exact center. There s no need to change the setup regardless of the blank s size or shape. Holds blanks up to 1-7/8" square.

New Feature - The vise now includes a "scrap waste sleeve", just a 2" by 1/4" piece of scrap (a piece is included with the jig).The scrap piece can be flipped, slid and reversed to get numerous uses out of a single piece. And when its consumed, just cut yourself a new one from 1/4" plywood.

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