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4 Piece Diamond Sharpening Set  Item #: DIAMOND4 Chisel Mate Plus Sharpening System  Item #: LCMPLUS Complete 4pc Precision Sharpening System  Item #: LCGRIND4
4 Piece Diamond Sharpening Set Item #: DIAMOND4
List Price: $36.95
Our Price: $36.95
Chisel Mate Plus Sharpening System Item #: LCMPLUS
List Price: $37.95
Our Price: $37.95

Keep your chisels razor sharp with this diamond sharpening set. Use these pieces to easily sharpen tool steel, high speed steel, and carbide-edge tools. The diamond surfaces sharpen smoothly and quickly with a minimum of hand pressure. The cone-shaped sharpeners are ideal for sharpening contoured lathe and carving chisels.  Set includes:   Flat sharpener: 6" long x 1" wide  Round sharpener: 4" long, 1/8" to 3/8" dia  Narrow cone sharpener: 6" long, 3/8" to 3/4" dia  Wide cone sharpener: 8" long, 3/4" to 1-1/4" dia
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No grinder? No Problem! This complete chisel sharpening system resides on your lathe, ready to instantly sharpen any of your chisels on demand ! Go from turning to sharpening with a moment's notice. Get superior results because your chisels are sharpened on a flat sanding surface. You'll have optimum control and visibility of your chisel's bevel. The system includes many great benefits and features: An inexpensive, reliable, fast and convenient way to sharpen any Lathe Chisel
Includes 5 hook and loop sanding discs
Sturdy 8" aluminum back plate has large surface area
Quick and easy changing of sanding discs
Adjustable chisel guide toolrest with "V" support included
Fits lathes with 1"x 8tpi thread, 10" swing or larger. "V" toolrest has 5/8" post. Also available for quick sanding needs, pen bank squaring and trimming. Includes exclusive new "V" toolrest support. Read More
Get a perfect edge on your lathe chisels with this Complete 4-Piece Precision Sharpening System    This sharpening system simplifies the daunting task of sharpening those complex profiles of your lathe chisels. Now you can get repeatable angles, sharp edges and smooth bevels every time. You'll see a difference right away in how your tools cut when you turn.     This system includes everything you need to grind perfect edge on nearly any lathe chisel. Requires a grinder and installation.     The four piece set includes:  Adjustable "V" Pocket Jig - Adjusts to accommodate gouges up to 27" long. Lay the handle of your tool in the "pocket" of the jig then adjust the jig length in order for the grinding to be at the proper angle. Rotate the tool to get a precision grind.
Grinding Platform - Used for general purpose grinding for all chisels
Finger Nail Jig - Ideal for quick grinding of finger nail profiles on shallow spindle gouges or side grinds on deep fluted bowl gouges. Lock in the chisel then adjust the "V" pocket to the appropriate length.
Skew Grinding Attachment - Positions on the end of the "V" pocket jig to assist you in grinding precision bevels on any skew chisel.
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Credit Card Diamond File Set  Item #: LCCFILE Diamond Dressing Stone  Item #: GRINDDS
Credit Card Diamond File Set Item #: LCCFILE
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $12.95
Diamond Dressing Stone Item #: GRINDDS
List Price: $15.40
Our Price: $15.40

Credit Card Diamond File Set Sharpens HSS, carbon steel and Carbide

A necessity for every home and shop. Use this convenient flat file set to sharpen knives, chisels, router bits, saw blades scissors or anything else that needs a sharp edge.

Set includes: two 3-1/4" x 2" two sided files with 400x fine and 600x extra fine grits.

A durable diamond impregnated stone that is Ideal for dressing any grinding wheels in you shop. Dressing your grinding wheels is essential for keeping them flat, accurate and prolonging their useful life.